Finger Lakes Region of New York

The Finger Lakes are named for the 11 lakes, formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, covering this region of New York. These lakes provide the setting for a number of wonderful activities, attraction and more throughout the area called the Finger Lakes. The lakes are more than just a pretty site, however, they also have been crucial to the development of this area.

The lakes, particularly Seneca Lake, the largest of the Finger Lakes, have created microclimates for the area surrounding the lake and have made them perfect for growing grapes. These microclimates have led to the production of some amazing, top-notch wines from the Finger Lakes. Although there are a number of wines for every pallet, the Rieslings and other white wines are what the Finger Lakes are known for most.

Receding glaciers did more than just create the lakes; they also created a landscape that is absolutely breathtaking. This set the stage for a number of outdoor activities. The Finger Lakes have a number of terrific hiking trails, fishing opportunities and 2 of the top ranked State Parks in the nation according to a pole done by USA Today! Visit the Outdoor Recreation page for a number of great ways to spend some time outdoors.

Women’s rights, glasswork, photography, soaring and the list goes on, the Finger Lakes have been home to a number of historic developments throughout the history of the United States. There are a number of museums celebrating that history throughout the region.

There is so much more to do in the Finger Lakes than what is mentioned here. Search through to find the perfect activity, restaurant or accommodation for your next visit to New York’s Finger Lakes region. 


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